Molecular Imaging

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You can count on a broad portfolio of products and solutions

Uncompromised quality & reliability in everything we do: 30+ products covering main care areas. Significant evidence base for product use, integrated in key international guidelines, all our production sites are cGMP accredited. Fully compliant with regulations and legislation from Health Authorities worldwide.
  • Cardiology

    AdreView™ Iobenguane (123I)
    Myoview™ Tetrofosmin
    Rapiscan™ Regadenoson
    Medi-MIBI Sestamibi*
  • Cell labelling-Infection

    Ceretec™ (WBC)* Exametazime
    Medi Exametazime*
    Leukokit Medical Device
  • Kidney Function

    Renoscint Betiatide*
  • Liver-Gall Bladder

    SeHCAT™ Tauroselcholic acid (75Se)
    Bromo-Biliaron Mebrofenin*
  • Lung Perfusion

    Makro-Albumon Human Serum Albumin (macroaggregated)*
  • Neurology

    VIZAMYL™ Flutemetamol(18F)
    DaTSCAN™ Ioflupane(123I)
    Ceretec™ Exametazime
    Stabilised Ceretec™ Exametazime
    Medi Exametazime*
    SteriPET™ Fludeoxyglucose (18F)
  • Oncology

    AdreView™ Iobenguane(123I)
    Theracap131™ Sodium ( 131I)
    SteriPET™ Fludeoxyglucose (18F)
    Nano-Scan Human Serum Albumin nano sized colloid*
    Medi-MIBI Sestamibi*
    Diagnostic Meta-Iodobenzylguanidine -mIBG (131I)
    Therapeutic Meta-Iodobenzylguanidine – mIBG (131I)
  • Thyroid

    Theracap131 Sodium Iodide(131I)
    Sodium Iodide (131|) Diagnostic
    Sodium Iodide (131|) Injection
    Sodium Iodide (131|) Capsule
    Medi-MIBI Sestamibi*

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Molecular Imaging
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By bringing clinically relevant applications to the market, improving access to nuclear medicine and enhancing outcomes for patients

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Enhancing clinical trials. New diagnostic options for clinicians and their patients

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